Living In The Cross
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From the desk of Pastor Michael Adams
(814) 623-5656

 Dear Pastors and congregants,

 I highly recommend "Living in the Cross" ministry to revive and reinvigorate your church by bringing challenging messages and inspiring music. Everyone will be challenged.

Bringing old-time style messages with a contemporary flare that captures and speaks to the hearts of teens, young adults, and the elderly. You will be challenged to draw closer to God, to live your faith in this world, and to make Jesus the focus of your life. In a day when many churches are growing colder, your will burn hot!

Chuck brings new and inspiring music, many are originals that God has given him to reach this generation just as the Wesley brothers used their own contemporary music to reach their generation, so you will be captivated and moved by songs of praise and celebration.

If you are tired of religion, the status-quo, and are looking for that deeper challenge that impacts your world, then come and experience "Living in the Cross" Ministry!

Pastor: Michael Adams
Bedford Church of the Nazarene,
Bedford, PA

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 From the desk of Shawn Emerson


 I would like to introduce you to an evangelist that I know you guys would fall in love with, not because of him but how the Holy Spirit just flows through him. 

 Rec. Chuck LaCombe and His wife Lisa have been in ministry for over 20 years. They have done revivals in Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and his home state of Maine. A large amount of pastor's here in Maine that are in a church currently answered their calling while in Revival with Rev. Chuck LaCombe. You can do a web search and find the various songs that he sings, he sings traditional hymns, remade country songs, remade soft rock songs, some blue grass. His music is very up beat all about Christ . I have heard many evangelist and a lot of them I feel are about the glamour but not Chuck. Chuck interned with Rev. Stephen Manley. His ministry is about seeing souls won and seeing the church stirred to take the next step in their spiritual journey. I promise each night you have him your alter will be full from new converts to seasoned Christian seeking guidance. I have had Chuck come to my church ever year since I started pasturing the Norway church in 07. last year they were on sabbatical. We are having Chuck and Lisa come in august for a 8 day revival. I believe that many of the teens that have said yes to their calling were in our church the first couple of years that Chuck was coming here for revival . I don't praise Chuck but I do praise what God has done and is doing in him. You will be blessed. He will schedule 2014 and 2015 if you are already booked for 2013. 

Pastor Shawn Emerson

Norway, Maine

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 From the desk of Joleen Starks:

 A journey like no other! I highly recommend Living in the Cross Ministry to anyone who is willing to be open to the Holy Spirit's moving. Knowing Chuck and Lisa for the past 10 years and witnessing their ministry and lives has been a Blessing. I have seen time and time again, the healings, the growth, the hunger and thirst of God's people, the peace, hope, joy and the love given to each individual or group they minister to. These two become what is needed to God's people, no matter where they are.
This ministry is able to share in music, message, and prayer (not limited to) and in the midst of it all the Holy Spirit does His work. They are willing and able to reach those that many cannot because they are filled with the Spirit: devoted and passionate in Jesus. "You don't want to miss this"...Any questions you can reach me at Joleen (J.J.) C. Starks

Grand Valley Church of the Nazarene

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Geneva, Ohio

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth.
                   Psalms 100:1

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