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A chance to Donate

If you would like to donate to "In the Cross Ministries,"   Any donation to this ministry is tax deductible.
Please send contributions to: Changes to Donation address!

Many good things are happening! Chuck & Lisa have now obtained a 501-c3 status (thanks to your giving). From now on, send your contributions:

Payable to: Living In The Cross Ministry
Send to: Lisa LaCombe
14 Knox Ridge Ave., Thomaston, Maine 04861

 If they are sent to the Bedford address, I will make sure they get to Chuck and Lisa.

Continue praying for them as they are taking time to be refreshed and to focus on God's direction for 2013. Your continued support is needed and greatly appreciated. I look forward to an even more exciting outreach... and I can't wait for the CD!!! (I wonder if we can reserve one??? Just a thought!)

 Love & Prayers in His Matchless and most wonderful Name - Michael Adams

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 Title: The Jesus Man

Song Titles:
1. When the Son Comes Down 3:31 (Charles A. LaCombe, Parody of: When the Sun Goes Down, Kenny Chesney and Uncle Cracker)
2. Going Home to See the Master 4:58 (Charles A. LaCombe, Parody of: Sweet Home Alabama, Leonard Skynard)
3. Come Pray 2:44 (Charles A. LaCombe, Parody of: Cocaine, Eric Clapton)
4. Am I 3:03 (Charles A. LaCombe, Parody of: Am I the only One, Dierks Bentley)
5. Jesus Man 3:25 (Charles A. LaCombe, Parody of: Pick up Man, Joe Diffy)
6. Don't Let No One Steal Your Joy 3:33 (Charles A. LaCombe, Parody of: Ladies Love Country Boys, Trace Atkins)
7. Here Comes God's Son 3:02 (Charles A. LaCombe, Parody of: Here Comes the Sun, George Harrison)
8. In The Mean Time 2:14 (Original by Charles A. LaCombe)
9. Here In Heaven 4:24 (Charles A. LaCombe, Parody of: Tears in Heaven, Eric Clapton)
10. Jesus Sources 3:20 (Charles A. LaCombe, Parody of: Beer for My Horses, Toby Keith)
11. His Blood Flowed Down 3:44 (Original by Charles A. LaCombe)
12. The Heaven God Made for Ya 6:29 (Charles A. LaCombe, Parody of: Hotel California, The Eagles)
13. The Hiding Place 2:08 (Original by Charles A. LaCombe)
14. Votin our pastor Good-bye 3:37 (Charles A. LaCombe, Parody of: Drinking My Baby Good-Bye, Charles Daniels Band)
15. No Ground 3:05 (Lester H. LaCombe, Bev Nichols, Mark Harrison, Mary Wiebe)
Background vocals: Lisa J. LaCombe, Joleen Starks, Megan Starks, Mary Wiebe, Caitlin Schesser, and Caleb Schesser
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Title: The Color of Redemption

Song titles:
1. The Color of Redemption 4:27
2. Let Jesus be His Name 3:21
3. Oh My Saviour 2:32
4. I Choose Joy 2:20
5. Kick the Devil 2:08
6. Ain't No Bones in a Hot Dog 1:03
7. Old Folks 3:09
8. Thank God for Kids 2:27
9. Worship Bone 2:02
10. Untitled Hymn 3:58
11. Jesus on the Main Line 2:28
12. There Was a Time 4:51

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