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Living In The Cross

I am rooted, established, strong, immovable and determined.  1 Peter 5:9

Orbisonia, PA


Meology vs Theology I

"You will indeed drink my cup and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with." Matthew 20:23a
The words of Jesus here must have had a profound affect upon these twelve men, although not at first. Because you see in later verses they become indignant with the two brothers asking the favor of right and left hand position to the throne. The full power of verse 23 wouldn't show itself until much later in the lives of these men of Christ. They loved a Jesus, no doubt about that and they were committed to what He was or who He was, I might say. What He was about would lead them into some very dark days indeed. The cup of death is Jesus reference here, and they would indeed drink of it, not only physical death but a death thru life which prepared them for the final death upon this earthly plain. If the call of physical death had come upon them at the point of vs. 23 they would have failed miserable. They had not yet learned to die. Jesus cup of death would first take Him into the lives of His disciples. They themselves would have to die to others around them and all that they said about Jesus. Jesus would have to die to what His mother and brothers thought and said about Him for they thought to lock Him up in John seven and they came to do just that. Mary thought to save His life and the others out of jealousy or embarrassment of Him and His claims to be God's son. Then you have the leaders of Israel and their plot to destroy Him and lastly the people that He had touched in so many ways. So this cup is a lifelong drink which will be needed to sustain the walk.
The sting of death is much broader in scope than we realize, isn't it? I think that is why our heavenly reward is so awesome, no more death! Sounds great! The cup is a progressive activity which brings us either closer to God or distances us from Him. You may say, I have read that nothing can separate us from the love of God, true, but the relationship can indeed be separated by our refusal to die or drink the cup continually and that is where what I call meology comes in.
Theology, or the study of God is only sound if kept in Christ and it will center us upon Christ as our everything that we will need to sustain the walk. Meology on the other hand is the central focus of US and how we feel or think. It will include our proclivities for church tradition worship, our version of scripture translated, and our own security as to how we are viewed or accepted by others. The pain inflicted by those we love can cause us to shrink from the tsk before us. Meology is something we can build to keep us in a state of false comfort. We do this shrouded by religion. Jesus pulled the showed off of the Pharisees and exposed the meology that ran them. We all create meology and sometimes not even realize it. There are so many ways in which we do this, it is almost impossible to write all of them in one devo, so I will try thru a series of them to help us better see the trappings in meology. In the weeks ahead we may discover the depths of meology which we live in. For now let's look at this passage and see the meology of the twelve.
When James and John and their mommy asked for the right and left hand position of the throne this would be an example of meology of "status." James and John figured the closer in physical proximity to Jesus the more revered they would become by others. Firstly, it would be the others in their group; the remaining disciples would now be subject to the two by the fact of status direct reach by the two would produce a power or status greater than say, the second, third, or sixth position that the remaining thrones in which they would rule over the twelve tribes from heaven as Jesus promised. We may look upon them with disgust, but let's not be so quick to do so for sometimes we also crave such position to leadership. Perhaps James and John wished to have the direct ear of Jesus to whisper into or was it their mother who wished it, not for them but with her own motives as to what that would help her achieve in her meology. At any rate it produced an indignant response by the remaining disciples. Indignant that means "greatly displeased with, an extreme anger within that almost is unable to be contained. Interesting isn't it? Now, that that indignation and attach it to the meology of the twelve and you have the recipe for a disastrous moment in the group, one that would destroy the emphasis of Jesus mission. Now, place two men in the ear of Jesus with this extreme anger and imagine what that could have produced if Jesus hadn't been embracing this cup of self-death. 
I want to leave you with that thought for now so you may let it gestate in you. Would you allow God to speak through it? I will touch on it more in the next devo.
Until then, become.
Love, Chuck



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