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Living In The Cross

Who would have guessed what God can do in ten years time and continues to do...Praise His Name of Jesus! When I first came to revival services in April of 2005, I was a mess. I had recently been released from the psychiatric ward and was on many medications, disability, and still looking for the miracle "happy pill." Through revival services, I found Jesus. Not like He was lost, but I was. Once I found Him, I followed Him, throughout the State of Maine, to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado, taking vacation time, whatever it took for I knew I had to be at these services and God allowed me to be there...Praise God!
God transformed my life through these revival services and by my own hearing and obeying what the Spirit had to say. God took me out of the miry clay and brought me into being His Child. Revival services helped me to become open to what God truly wanted to be in my life, from death to self to living in Him every day. God took me through a Calling, Schooling at Nazarene Bible College, and to Associate Pastor, all along these two mentors of mine were open and available to assist in questions I had or just a listening ear. They helped keep me on my feet, as I knew I couldn't do what God asked but they knew I could, with God's help of course. They helped me filter through much information given, remaining true to the God who is, and they assisted in a time when God called me on, remaining faithful to Him. I continually remained open to God's will through the years and then God allowed Living in the Cross Ministry to birth a new ministry that I am blessed to be a part of-Women Encouraging Women Ministry, whereby I share more of my story as to why I ended up where I did in my life and minister to those God gives. Praise God! He is Good!
I give all Praise, Honor and Glory for God sending this ministry to my town, at just the right time and for the journey it has and is and will continue to take me on. Thank you Jesus and thank you Chuck and Lisa...love ya dearly...and the journey continues in Christ...J.J.
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I have been a Christian my whole life, but never really understood what that meant until I started going to the Nazarene Church. I lived with anger and bitterness in my heart and a lot of the time used alcohol to bury those feelings. I felt like everyone was against me, even the people that love me the most and I frequently lashed out at those people and pushed them away. On April 4, 2010 I went to Revival services and I really listened and took it all in, but I was still hesitant because I knew that God would show what was in my heart to Pastor Chuck and he would point it out to me and everyone around me. I went back the next night knowing that I was done living how I had been living and I was ready to lay it down. I went down to the altar as Pastor Chuck was praying for everyone around me I started to get scared that he was going to forget me and I wanted it so bad I was ready to chase him down the aisle on my broken foot. He finally got to me very last, but he didn't say what I thought he was going to. What he said to me went to the very root of all my anger, bitterness and unhappiness and literally ripped it right out of me. I cried all night that night and all the next day. I have never felt such immense sorrow in my life. I did not understand at the time why I felt so sad but now I know. God was healing me. I woke up the next morning terrified that I would still be consumed with sadness, but it was the exact opposite, all I felt was overwhelming JOY. All those awful feelings I had kept bottled inside me where completely gone! I had forgiven people that I never imagined I would ever forgive. That day my whole life changed. Yes, there have been bad days when some of those old feelings return, but only on the days I am living in self. The moment I wake up and remember to die to self and live in Jesus it all goes away again and JOY returns. I could literally write a book on the many ways God has blessed me in the last 6 months. I am in complete awe of it all, He is so Amazing! Ebony Cortez, CO 

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  God is Good.  I think it's got me fired up for church tomorrow...oh yeah.  But it's so true how people come in dragging, doing their part, and going out the same way they come in.  No, no, no.  I want to experience Jesus, I want to be fed Jesus, I want to see Him in every circumstance, and I want that relationship with the Father to just grow.  I love Him.  I get all that......except maybe the feeding part.  I do rely more on revival for that.  I want them to know this is real.  I want reality Jesus.......not theology Jesus.  Theology I'll get when I have to take a class, not during service.  Anyway, I won't gripe.....I praise God I have a pastor and a church family. JJ

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I am  a product of revival and I have been blessed abundantly by the ministry of the LaCombe's. 

In Philippians two, we are called to not only look to the needs of ourselves but to the needs of others.  In the Greek that literally means to put the needs of our brothers before our own.  In "The Message"it says "Put yourself aside and help others get ahead.  Don't be obsessed with getting you own advantage.  Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand"(2:4).  Isn't that what Christ did?

My life and the life of my family will never be the same because of the obedience of these two servants of Christ. Nicki

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My name is Kyle Griffin and God has radically changed my life through revival and the cross.  At a young age I experienced church division, church fights, and foolishness and all because people weren’t dying to self and letting Jesus live in them.  My heart was torn apart to see what was going on around me. 

I experienced revival for the first time in seventh grade where I learned about the cross and who Jesus really was.  He wasn’t about the foolishness I grew up in.  I surrendered my life to Jesus and I will continue to daily.  From there I formed an everlasting friendship with Him and He became my best friend.

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My life altering experience:

         Having grown up in a mostly Christian home, going to church every Sunday and Wednesday night, I knew allll about the bible, Jesus and God…or at least I thought I did.  I even participated in Teen Bible Quizzing for years, memorizing entire books of the bible…and yet it never really stuck with me.  In fact, after getting out on my own at the ripe old age of 18, fresh from High School, I quickly became religiously cynical.  I had a lot of trouble with hypocritical people who tried to tell me right from wrong.  I couldn’t understand why a God who supposedly created this world would allow such horrible, evil things happen to good people all the time.  This led me to about seven years of complete and utter religious-LESS living.  In fact…the more I saw and learned of the world, the less I believed and the more bitter I became….If there was a God, I HATED him.

Move ahead…Thursday, June 19, 2008

        I agreed to attend a revival service with my step-sister Missy.  The speaker was an evangelist that had been at my Dad’s church.  I thought I would go to spend quality time with Missy.  I found out it was a healing service and started wondering what I was getting into.  Since putting on all of the weight my useless thyroid brought me, I’ve been very shy about getting up in front of people anywhere.  There was NO WAY shy Amy was getting up in front of a church full of people and having some guy tell her she was healed.  Well…after listening to his mind blowing service, and yes, it was MIND BLOWING…
          I did just that, except he never said the words, you’re healed.”  He simply prayed for and anointed me, with Missy, Pastor Mike and Candi all holding onto me tightly.  I the cynic actually gave my life to the Lord right then and there. No more did I focus on hypocrites and things I couldn’t understand and control.  I simply gave it all to Him.

Two miraculous things happened there in that little church…1) For the first time in a long time, I instantly felt calm and serene…nothing, no pessimistic thoughts, no worries, NOTHING could bring me down…2) I had actually called and made a doctor’s appt. because my lymph node, the one covered in cancer was throbbing and swollen.  I was even having trouble swallowing because of it and I was really worried.  But…after that service it instantly quit hurting and felt normal and hasn’t bothered me since.

        I don’t understand everything that happened and I am still trying to figure it all out.  All I know is that something incredible happened to me, and I truly feel more at ease, and more brave than I have in a really long time.  I know that I now have the strength to deal with whatever the future holds for me.


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The Jesus in Chuck and Lisa forever changed the landscape of our lives. Thank you for being who you are~real people with a real love for the Lord! Your honesty and care touched us deeply and brought us to a new and revived relationship with each other and most importantly with God! God Bless you! Servants of the most high God, Rae Oxley (aka Joy) and Adam Oxley

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God totally healed me, and I am Lyme free!
Pastor Chuck LaCombe and Pastor Anthony Maes thank you for being a obedient servants and vessels for God's healing.
For those that do not know:

Chuck was leading a revival service, and I came up for prayer. Chuck came to me and asked for Anthony to bring the oil. Chuck had only met me a few hours earlier, and only new my name, but did not know about my Lyme disease. That night God spoke to Chuck and publicly he prayed for the healing of my Lyme disease and annointed me with oil. That night God healed me completely of the Lyme disease.

At my next doctor's check up, he tested my blood to see where the Lyme disease level was, which he had done regularly for the previous year--no Lyme disease! No Lyme disease! And years later I am still Lyme free and giving all the glory to God!"

Vic Powell 


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The love of Christ
controls me. 
2 Corinthians 5:14

Nail it to the Cross